Wednesday 4 March 2015

17,000 Page Views!!

Just came online this morning to find I've racked up 17,000 total page views on this blog!!!

Wooo, my Blogger Dashboard, 17,000 page views!

Incredible, considering most of those were in the time when the blog was on hiatus and I wasn't even posting anything!!

Wasn't even active during 2013 + 2014!!!

So I'd just like to say a big thank you to everyone that reads my blog and I hope you'll all continue reading, if I continue posting!

Also, if you aren't following this blog I suggest you do so, as I have a couple of hundred of puzzles in my collection that will eventually make their way onto this blog, so follow and stay up to date ;)

That's all for now!!!

A Cube-o-saurus-Rex!!

LanLan Rex Cube!!
No dinosaurs though!!!

Today, I've been messing around getting a portable version of Linux running on my laptop, called Portable Ubuntu Remix, but now it's installing a whole heap of updates. So I thought I'd write a post.

Now I've written my post on the Original Rubik's Cube, I can write about the twisty I was going to write about, the Rex Cube!!

The reason I wanted to write about it then was because it was the last cube I had solved. But that's by-the-by!