Saturday 28 February 2015

My First Twisty Post and First Ever Puzzle!!

My first Rubik's Cube!!
Now, I was thinking of making my first twisy post about a different puzzle, but then I thought it wouldn't be right if it wasn't the first twisty that got me into puzzling to start with .... more than 10 years ago (BTW I turned 25 today!)!!!

So here it is, the first puzzle I ever had was ..... The Rubik's Cube (of course!)!!

Actually it wasn't mine, one of my parents (can't remember which!) had an Original Toy of the Year 1980 Rubik's Cube. I found it one day after rummaging around the house and decided I would learn how to solve one. So I did, albeit by using the internet!

Friday 27 February 2015

Just a quickie!!

Erm, a Nut and Bolt puzzle ...
This is going to be a really quick post on another puzzle from the mad Dutchman, Wil Strijbos.

Once again this was included in the £35 bundle I thrust in front of him at MPP17 (Midlands Puzzle Party #17!), so I don't know how much it costs on its own. I wouldn't expect much given what it is .... well, see for yourself!

Wednesday 25 February 2015

I'm on a roll!!

I'm getting back into this now blogging malarkey, so why stop!

Duo Nails ... maybe!
The next puzzle I picked out of my bag of tricks is yet another disentanglement puzzle from the Czech Republic, purchased from Wil Strijbos (message me or leave a comment below if you want his email!). This one I believe to be called "Duo Nails", or possibly Two Nails, my knowledge on the Czech language is a little nonexistent!!

Anywho, obviously the aim is to separate the two nails. Easier said than done! This one had me stumped for quite a while. It probably took me about half an hour to get the two nails apart, at which point I put them down and took a picture. Little did I know, that would be my downfall! 

Disentanglement Binge!

Since I'm away from home this week, I only have a small selection of puzzles to chose from for my reboot post. Aside from the obvious twisty puzzles that tend to accompany me on the train journey down, I've recently been on a bit of a Disentanglement binge (won some from the latest Baxterweb auction and bought some from the mad Dutch bloke at the recent Midlands Puzzle Party)!

The set!
So, the puzzle I grabbed first when I delved into my bag was actually one from a set of two. They came from the Czech Republic and I bought them off Wil Strijbos (the mad Dutch bloke!) at the latest MPP (Midlands Puzzle Party!). I'm not sure how much the set cost, as I confronted Wil with a large handful of disentanglements, to which he stood there for a minute and said "£40?". That of course sounded fine, so I paid the man, only to be given a fiver back later on!!

The Puzzling Blog is back!

I AM BACK!!! Not that anyone missed me, but I'm back!

For those who failed to notice, I haven't been posting on this blog for nearly two years. So, what happened?