Wednesday 25 February 2015

The Puzzling Blog is back!

I AM BACK!!! Not that anyone missed me, but I'm back!

For those who failed to notice, I haven't been posting on this blog for nearly two years. So, what happened?

Of course, I hadn't stopped puzzling, but I did loose interest in the blogging side of it. I was spending too much time and effort writing my posts and I couldn't keep it up. Especially with working nights messing up my sleep and then the rest of my life ... (tbh, that's pretty much the extent of my life now!)!

Why have I come back?

Well, I have a long week off work, so I have to occupy myself somehow! Also, I've been buying a lot more puzzles during my hiatus (as people on my Facebook know!), so I've got a lot to ramble on about!

However, I won't be mindlessly rambling on as much as I used to. My previous posts have been quite in depth, going into my thought processes and feelings throughout the solve. Some people might enjoy reading about that, but that is what was taking up all the time.

Instead I will be shortening my posts into three main sections: 
  1. Introduction: description of the puzzle, designer, maker, availability, price.
  2. Solve process: Not how to solve the puzzle, but how easy it is to solve, how clever, different, if I enjoyed the process.
  3. Conclusion: My thoughts on the puzzle, if I think it is worth gettin, final thoughts.
So, that's what I plan on doing. Whether or not I'll keep it up is a different story, but we'll see about that!!

Anywho, to prove to you that I have still been puzzling, here is the most recent photo I have of my collection (as of 28th July 2014):

My Collection as of 28/07/14

Obviously since then I have gathered several more puzzles, so I will take another picture when I get back home and update this post as a comparison!

So, that is all for now, but I will be posting on a puzzle soon (once I decide which puzzle to write about!).

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